The Best Clean and Modern Ecommerce Websites Design for 2017

The Best Clean and Modern Ecommerce Websites Design for 2017

Read this article and check out the list of the best clean and modern ecommerce websites design for 2017 and pick your favorite one!


As this year goes by, it is time to pick the best looks and design trends. So, if you are planning to build your own ecommerce store until the end of this year, this is a perfect opportunity for you to discover the best ecommerce websites design for 2017.


In our list, we included only clean and modern ecommerce websites designs. This list of websites designed is not a list which can help you build an everyday website, but a beautiful, professional, and inspiring ecommerce website design you can use for at least 10 years.


Let’s start:

  • A-dam Underwear – A very popular website with a cutting-edge design. The reason why this website is so popular is because it doesn’t look like an ecommerce store. They are ditching the common designs and are adopting new design options from more experimental websites. If you open this website, you will notice the asymmetrical grid for showcasing the product photos,
  • Shun Cutlery – Another inspiring website design. This website adopts traditional ecommerce website trends, as well as, modern trends. You can notice this, by checking their home page. This website is a perfect example of doing old and traditional ecommerce patterns in a modern way.
  • Paul Valentine – This website is known for taking risks, but in the end, they always come up with something fresh and creative. They don’t use a navigation and there are no instructions. They simply hope that the visitor will figure out they need to scroll down, which we must say, it is a safe assumption for 2017.
  • Bouguessa – Another clean and modern website that turns ecommerce traditions on their head without getting rid of them completely. If you open their website you will notice that they put their own spin on the Homepage by increasing and shrinking the horizontal navigation menu. By doing so, there is more space for the background.
  • Someone – This is probably the most normal website design on this list. However, if you open their website you will notice that there is something different about them. Instead of product photos, they use landscape photography and this is something that makes them special.


We hope these ecommerce websites design will inspire you and you can come up with the best design for your new online store!

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